It has been passed down through the ages that a great many things happened above and below the soil that Poop School sat upon, though the validity of said stories has always been a topic of harsh debate among modern day Poop School Scholars.

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It had been said that during Marcus' term as Dean

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In 1933 when the revolutionary war was at its peak, two young men found a claw among the wreckage of the U.S.S. Big Sultan.

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Old Lady Tomilda lived alone in a house shaped like a rooster. All the children called it "cock house" On February 14th, 1846, Little Tomilda, Old Lady Tomilda's son, fought off some KKK Initiates who were trying to pull Old Lady Tomilda into the dark and shady world of racism.

This event fell into myth as in 1848, Old Lady Tomilda's home burnt down and all records and photographs and crisp dollar bills were destroyed, along with Old Lady Tomilda and her son, Little Tomilda.

In 1900, the once great explorer Sir Francis De Ferdinandie set out to find any remains of the Tomildas. In 1878, a new home was built on top of the sacred ground where the Tomilda household had once been. Sir Francis, nhaving just moved in, started experiencing what he described as a "Haunting," one which he "could not escape from". Six months later he was found charred to a crisp, and next to him was a ledger with the entire Tomilda family history. Also, an old neighbor who was only in his 60's came around and explained what happened to the Tomildas.

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